Savior Equipment Specialist Covert 38″ Tac Pack (FDE)


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Manufacture Part #-RB-SGSport38-WS-TN


  • Padded Single Rifle Compartment
    • Rigid Hook & Loop Lockdown Straps
    • Adjustable Muzzle Holder
    • Hook & Loop LCM Panel for Custom Configuration
    • Full Length Removable Padded Divider
    • Lays Completely Flat When Opened
  • Exterior Accessory Pockets
    • With Admin & Mesh Zippered Pockets
  • Concealed Pocket
    • With Loop Panel For Holster
  • Hideable Padded Backpack Straps



  • Savior Specialist Covert 38″ Single Rifle Bag 
  • Five (5) Magpul Pmag 30 AR/M4 Gen2 Magazines 


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